I am Back!!! Announcing the arrival of .....

My book; 'Better Choices for a Better Me'!!

Yay, it has become reality, thanks for your patience.

I apologise for being a bit slack over the last few months and not tickling your minds more via this eZine. We are back on track and will have some great stuff coming your way.

First things first, the book is here and I would love for you to use it to set the ball of optimum wellness rolling for you asap!

For just $27.00 you will have the book posted to you at no additional cost no matter where you live, you will have access to an online course (keeps you on the track to success) and ongoing tips and news.

(Now I am an amature at many aspects of web based marketing, so if the buy it now button doesn't work, let me know so we can get any bugs out :-)

Thanks again for connecting here, Cheers

Andrew Fenwick Your Health and Wellness Guy

PS Book draft back from publisher, it's getting closer :-)

Let me know via the contact me page at www.your-health-wellness-guide.com of any special topics you would like information on