Natural Health is Simple

Welcome to the first of the 'Better Choices' e-zine for 2010.

Being a new facility for sharing this issue is a bit of a system test.

This e-zine / newsletter is for you, so if something comes up that you wish to explore, feel free to email me via the e-connect page of with questions and ideas.

If you were at the 'Radiance Wellbeing Festival' at Woodford and join me for the presentation on developing a Wellness Attitude, thanks for being proactive and subscribing. The details of how to obtain the report containing an expansion of the points covered will be in the next issue; keep your eyes peeled for that (ooh what a nasty expression!).

The headline above is no trick.

Natural health is simple to achieve. Is it not amazing that when we cut ourself the blood stops flowing, skin just merges and we are left with a small mark. See we already achieve it!

The same systems that make that happen also maintain our wellness; protecting us from disease and healing us on the run.

The trick is to be 'Well' as a focus of your existence rather than a lucky break. Once we start with those better choices; thoughts, foods and activities, the pieces start falling together very quickly.

You see, those healing systems are just busting to get out working for us. The only thing stopping it usually would be the things we do each day that are not 'pro-wellness'.

The presentation at woodford was a quick summary of those simple steps we can take daily with our lifestyle and thoughts that will clear the path.

Modern times have been geared towards complexity. Often simple things are made to seem to difficult for 'lay folk' to understand.

We do not need to understand the complexity of biochemistry or anatomy to do very well in the pursuit of wellness.

I elude to the concept of natural adaptation when I teach people the first steps to take.

Like all creatures in the wild, remembering we were those too once upon a time, we as a species are equipped to thrive in nature.

It is great to be intelligent, however it has a down side. We tend to challenge, learn and expand constantly. By doing this we have unwittingly slipped a long way from nature. Even thinking, a little arrogantly, that we can improve on nature.

We had no fire to cook with, no weapons or tools. Just us.

I think Sherry Strong put it nicely in her presentation on the consumption concept - Nature's Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Food; the easiest to obtain essentials are the ones we need to consume the most of. Air is easy, water is pretty obtainable as well, low lying green vegetation next, seasonal high hanging fruits and nuts next etc.

I know it might hurt some people's feelings; but there is not much evidence to support the consumption of the vast majority of the foods consumed by modern westernised humans.

Relax, no one expects you to ditch all your current life and go live in the bush. You can however start making better choices today that will make a huge impact. The closer you run to your adaption the better the results.

Start by doing a journal of all you eat in a week. Every little thing that passes those lips of yours. Don't behave differently.

At the end evaluate how much of what you consumed was available to humans even 500 years ago, let alone 100 000 years ago.

Then just eliminate the things you know are hurting you by not adding value. You see, not all things cause harm directly. They do by default steal energy used for healing if they do not add value. Hope that makes sense for you.

The report from woodford will provide some insight on where to go next.

Thanks again for connecting here, Cheers

Andrew Fenwick Your Health and Wellness Guy

P.S. Remember the book will be out soon with lots of added value for those who use it on their journey.