Happiness is Key

Welcome to the second of the 'Better Choices' e-zine for 2010.

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The headline above is about the foundation of 'Wellness'.

It is interesting when in consultation with clients I often uncover that people are not happy as their main concern. They may enter the room with a desire to lose shape or clear a skin complaint; but before long share about a low emotional state.

It is not an uncommon comment that " I am not unhappy ".

Is being just " not unhappy " the emotional set point that will bring us the life we desire. Great relationships, fabulous health and vitality, coupled with a complete feeling of freedom. Not likely; as being happy has to be a choice, choices take courage and conviction.

"not unhappy" is neutral and creates stress. Happy is distinctly positive and eleviates stress. Eleviating stress is a primary goal for those seeking 'wellness'

Included in the Radiance Report is a little summary on happiness by Anthony Ackroyd. He reminds us of all the positive outcomes available through laughter and happiness.

Comedy is a great tool for wellbeing, it lightens our mood, lifts the stress and allows a release of endorphins, human chemicals that make us feel good. Laughter and sex are great releasors of these chemicals, doing both is even better.

Often it is hard to see how we can enjoy happiness. Bills, jobs, the news, poor family dynamics, personal or family illness etc, all seemingly getting in the way.

If you are having a negative emotional time of it, it is essential for you to grab the emotional steering wheel and chose happier thoughts. Otherwise we just fall victim to random negative rubbish bubbling up from the cauldron of our subconscious mind.

It is important for us all to remind ourselves that most of that yukky stuff bubbling up is all make believe, the mixed contributions of our life to this point and everybody who has ever communicated with you. I am adding to it now!!

One of the activities you can do from this point forward is to avoid the news and current affairs on TV and pursue something light, entertaining or self improving instead. Our poor subconscious mind will take in every bloody scene or scarey story, every negative prediction or opinion. Then it adds it to the bubbly mess already in there.

If you struggle with negative emotions or have suffered trauma, there is a whole lot of benefit in discovering and using EFT (emotional freedom techniques) as part of your wellness and happiness plan. I will soon be adding a section at www.your-health-wellness-guide.com on EFT, including some video and downloadable manuals.

Negative emotions may not always be in your face either. It might be just the urge to do something or eat something that does not add value. The resistance to making a better choices. The feelings of being hurt or annoyed by other people's choices. Maybe being a bit blah about the day or feel like motivation is missing. All these negative emotions will affect your 'wellness' and accumulate into bigger issues with time.

EFT is a great tool for letting go of past trauma down to a little frustration about the lid off the toothpaste. I hope I can help you uncover a smoother pathway using EFT and helpful coaching. A pathway to feeling happy and motivated to achieve excellent.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Thanks again for connecting here, Cheers

Andrew Fenwick Your Health and Wellness Guy

PS Book draft back from publisher, it's getting closer :-)

P.S. Remember the book will be out soon with lots of added value for those who use it on their journey.