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Better Choices, Issue #004
September 07, 2015

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Class 2015 Launch

Hello Everyone!

Just a special call out to anyone who is genuinely interested in personal development and living a life of passion and purpose.

In real terms this is everyone. I have posted a link address here to a blog I have just published about the upcoming Master Key Experience.

I completed this class last year and currently I am about to complete training as a certified guide for this next group.

Have a read through the blog and I suggest that you opt in for updates on the launch and the scholarship programme. You can't buy this course, it comes around each year, runs for 26 weeks and you can only join via a scholarship application. Our 2014 class paid for it as a pay it forward.

There are limited spots, because it is a hands on guided and supported process of comprehensive change. Can't be done via a auto responder; delivered by real people.

Most people who look at this with an open learning mind get a little excited and want to learn more about. I know not everyone will though, we all know the people who always want more from life, but usually end up watching TV instead of looking after themselves and their family.

So take a look, read the blog, share it around with friends who want to bust out and live a great life.

Hope you are well, happy and prosperous


PS feel free to email me directly for more details

Let me know via the contact me page at of any special topics you would like information on

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