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Better Choices, Issue #003
October 23, 2014

Phew the Launch is Done!!

Hello Everyone!

Firstly thank you to all the attendees and well wishers that made the launch night so much fun last week. I appreciate you.

The next event is a presentation on Wednesday the 12th of November at 'The Place' Charlestown at 6:50pm for a 7pm start.

The main focus will be a discussion on the value of and / or the need for supplements in this modern age. There will be interesting information being shared.

Last week we did mention that we are also building an enterprise as part of our Soul's Abode - Sunrider Community Wellness and Enterprise Project. No surprise there; it is in the title.

Next month I will share a little presentation that will make you realise why we have chosen the specific product line of Sunrider International to both help a large community of people achieve a vitality maybe believed lost and for some an income source to improve their lifestyle.

Then we will finish off with some lovely teas and a chat; something I didn't get to do a lot of last time.

PAY IT FORWARD - The generosity of the last group of book recipients means I have another 20 copies to gift out in November. So the first 20 new guests to register will receive their copy at no cost. The PAY IT FORWARD box will be available for those who wish to help others get a start to or get back on track with their health goals.

We are expecting there will be some nice stuff available in the gift draw as well.


What are you doing with your thoughts?

One of the biggest hurdles I have as a coach is getting people to understand how their mind and the way they use it affects their success; in health goals and life.

Just like anything, bad habits in thought management, especially the habit of not managing them at all, is the open door to failure.

The subconscious mind does not argue with what you feed it or allow to access it, there is a role of the conscious mind to be deliberate in what it lets in. Otherwise know as you observing your thoughts and being a little selective.

Advertisers for example know exactly how the subconscious mind operates and how mentally lazy we have become as a society. So they can and do push buttons to allow you to accept 'stuff' in. This 'stuff' is not questioned ever again unless you decide to. You let it past the gates of the subconscious mind and it now uses that information to make decisions for you, without anymore conscious thought.

I am bringing this to you at this point, because you have started into the book and there will be some things that you will feel resistant to. This resistance is not a decision, the decision is being made in the back office for you, based on a blueprint or set of guidelines you have drawn up over time.

When someone says " I want you to open your mind...", that is a signal for you to deliberately make new decisions based on this new information. If there is resistance to this just know that it is the helpful decision makers in that back office (subconscious mind) jacking up about you ignoring them.

They'll get over it, honestly, if you get great results and start some new habits, the resistance goes away and the new stuff becomes the new framework. This takes just a few weeks at most, with your conscious decisions being practiced daily and recognition being generated for your 'Better Choices'.

So the message, look after you first so you can look after others more effectively longer. We all have obligations that require time and effort, some stress creating and others very pleasurable. Be worth the effort, do whatever you can today to start improving your future happiness, wellness and prosperity.

In the spirit of that quest, love to you all and I hope to see you with some friends on November the 15th.

Andrew Fenwick

P.S. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at as I can start answering them via this eZine so others can benefit.

If you want to refer anyone to the book:

For just $27.00 you will have the book posted to you at no additional cost no matter where you live, you will have access to an online course (keeps you on the track to success) and ongoing tips and news.

(Now I am an amateur at many aspects of web based marketing, so if the buy it now button doesn't work, let me know so we can get any bugs out :-)

Thanks again for connecting here, Cheers

Andrew Fenwick Your Health and Wellness Guy

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