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Better Choices for a Better Me - Appliance Ideas

Having specialised appliances to create new foods and capture more nutrients can help us get better results faster.  They are not necessary to get started though.

Here are a few that we thought will help.  Following the links will take you to Amazon, not to our store. (we will receive some commission on any purchases)

Having a quality juicer allows you to extract more nutrient from your produce then you possibly could by eating it alone.  It is important when choosing a machine to extract juice that it does it gently and slowly, so as to no raise the temperature at the point of contact, to keep all the enzymes and delicate nutrients intact.

Remember to juice organic goodies where possible to reduce your exposure to agricultural chemicals, as juicing will raise the number of plants you are consuming.

Optimum H3000 2nd Gen (H5000) Juicer - Vacuum Technology Cold Press Juicer, 70 RPM, 7.6 cm Extra Large Chute, Ceramic Auger, 350W, Lifetime Motor Warranty BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer/Horizontal Masticating Juicer (Wide Mouth) with 20 Year Warranty for Wheat Grass, Fruits & Vegetables Paderno World Cuisine Manual Juicer Healthy Choice 12 Litre Digital Air Fryer Philips Avance Collection Air Fryer XXL with Twin TurboStar & Rapid Air Technology including Double Layer Accessory, Black, HD9651/91