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Sunrider FoodsRegenerate and Heal Naturally 

My start in the wellness industry came via the nothing short of amazing, health improvements I experienced from simply plugging these products into my life for 10 days. No other diet changes; just started eating the most basic Sunrider Foods products each day as well as all the ‘normal’ things I ate and drank. You can see my before and after picture below; over the course of a few months my health dramatically improved; requiring me to update my drivers licence to match my appearance.

Within days I had less pain, more energy and a feeling of wellbeing I had never experienced before. Within a few months I was a different person in the way I felt and looked; combining the products with a healthier lifestyle created a fast track to wellbeing I couldn't have imagined possible.

Two things about that; as you would expect I was excited and with the knowledge I have now accumulated about the products am I now not obligated in some way to share that with you? 

That is of course in line with my purpose and the purpose of the book itself; to provide a clear and safe path to optimum wellness for those I care about. 

You have read this far, so you have just joined that club. Firstly, the Philosophy of Regeneration that is behind the product formulation and application. I will paraphrase a little for clarity. If you properly nourish and cleanse the body it will respond by unleashing its innate ability to heal, protect and regenerate itself.

Now if you followed a westernised way of thinking about that statement you would be inclined to eat three square standard American meals a day and take a shower. You would then be disappointed when the chronic diseases take hold and wonder why. You had a good diet according to the ads on TV and kept yourself clean. 

The philosophy statement is actually connected to ancient Chinese health principles that acknowledge that everything we eat, drink, do and feel have an effect on the overall balance (health) of our physical body. 

This could be either a positive or negative effect dependent on the energetic nature of the food, drink, or emotion and the energy of our own constitution type. 

I am not a practitioner in Chinese medicine, so I will not attempt to fully explain this complex system of energy balance, however I will give you a basic lay terms version so you can see where this fits.

The use of herbs to improve health is present through the history of every culture on our planet, where local plants have been utilised internally and externally to address problems.

The Chinese have been leaders in this field and were documenting the medicinal actions and effective application of herbal compounds for thousands of years. A fact in itself shows that the Chinese people over that time have taken part in the longest running trial of herbal medicine. 

Along with this use of herbs, comes a detailed knowledge of the energies of the body and how they correspond to the various energy characteristics of the plants used.  Using various diagnostic techniques a Chinese herbalist can detect the state of these energies and use herbs and acupuncture to exert changes.

Most people are aware of the Yin/Yang balance concept, where one aspect is a driving force and one a controlling force, hot versus cold or light versus dark. From a health perspective this may be translated into overactive or under active function of an organ or system. You will see people busy described as Yang in nature or a bit more energetic than most. Likewise there are the Yin folk who never seem to have the get up and go required or are very calm in daily life.

What the ancient Chinese health principles are founded on is a complex interrelationship of the overall Yin/Yang of a person with the individual and interdependent Yin/Yang of each of the body’s system groups. The Chinese used a system of dividing these groups energetically, called the five element theory.

The philosophy of regeneration calls for us to nourish the body, in this context it means to feed the Yin/Yang energy of the whole body and each of its five elements in a balanced way, thus allowing all systems to function and interact with each other in a harmonious way.

The disease symptoms focused on so deeply by western medical science are, from a Chinese perspective, signs of imbalance in these systems and that imbalance is caused by nutritional deficiencies. Modern Chinese medicine has even moved away from such a wholistic view and has become more focused on addressing symptoms and diseases. Whereas the guiding principle of the ancient Chinese health professional was to keep the population of the village healthy and productive; for doing this the people of the village would pay and support the practitioner. 

When the health practitioners failed to achieve this, the villagers would stop paying them until well, after which they would start supporting them again.

I am certain our health system would be a lot more effective and our populations much healthier if we were only paying practitioners to keep us well rather than attempt to fix us when we break.

Below is a basic chart showing the way the five elements of Chinese healing philosophy interact;

You can see we have five elements, each of these representing organs or systems of the body as they are grouped by the Chinese theory, not by function but by energetic relationship; 

Fire (cardiac, small intestines and hormones), 

Earth (spleen, pancreas, muscles), 

Metal (lungs, skin, large intestine), 

Water (kidneys, bladder, bones),

Wood (immune, liver, gall, nerves).

Each of the elements is also attributed seasons of influence, openings in the body affected, personality traits; fear, anger, joy, worry, sadness.

There are tastes; salt, sour, bitter, sweet, spicy. Influential wind directions are also acknowledged and all aspects are affected by various energetic conditions; cold, hot, dry, damp for example. There are also mental aspects represented by each element; will power, mental activity, moodiness, pondering and sensitivity. 

Should this be the case, and thousands of years of success say it most likely is, then how we balance these five elements is crucial to be a happy healthy human being. There are studies identifying dietary influences in behaviour and mood, there are studies proving the diet connection to chronic illness. There are also bodies of work indicating our predominant mental state will affect our physical wellbeing in different ways, most important findings here for all of us is that people who are happy and connected to others live longer.

Using the five elements to demonstrate the total interaction of all of our physical, mental and emotional attributes is a far cry from the theory of modern allopathic medicine, where each aspect of our health is seen as separate and treated the same way. It also highlights that being balanced according to the theory of five elements will provide us with a foundation for health, happiness and better mental function.

In the diagram you can see that each Yin/Yang symbol of each of the elements are joined directly with a clockwise energy flow. This could be called the overall Yang of your whole system, also known as creation / over action cycle. You will also see the arrows in the centre of the systems that indirectly connects all the systems; this could be called the overall Yin or destruction / insulting cycle. One is creating, and one is controlling.

Once we have nourished all our Yin/Yang energy, in the overall Yin/Yang and five elements, it is important that the communication between all element systems is clear of restriction; which is where the importance of cleansing comes in. I cover in earlier chapters of my book 'Better Choices for a Better Me' the physical requirement to remove toxic waste and the leftovers of cellular metabolism from our body, is important to health. Here we are cleansing again, however now we are doing it to ensure the energy and communications of our body can flow freely between systems and at a cellular level.

So, with the very basic outline of Chinese healing philosophy covered, where do modern products fit into the discussion you might ask? The products I used at the beginning of my wellness journey are formulated to nourish and balance the Yin/Yang of the whole body and the five elements, while providing teas that assist cleansing functions throughout the body, thus enhancing the communication and regulation. 

Add these products to a wellness plan, like the one we will be laying a foundation for throughout my book, and you will experience an accelerated improvement to your wellbeing. Now, being a little bit impatient as most of us are, the prospect of getting very positive results faster appeals to me. It is in our make up to want to avoid and mitigate any suffering.

The products are formulated from seed to raw material by Sunrider International, a company based in California and the specific start up products I recommend are three of the core items out of a range of some 400 products that improve health, performance and appearance.

Sunrider Foods - NuPlus

A formulation based on one of the earliest documented herbal blends, ‘angel’s porridge’. It was for stamina, longevity and general wellbeing. 

The modern version has been enhanced somewhat; what we receive from Sunrider is highly concentrated and only contains the nutrients extracted during the preparation. This means we get a lot more from a lot less actual bulk plant matter.  To achieve this level of nutrition we would have to eat many kilograms of herb material each day and then make sure that we have chewed effectively enough to release all the goodies for our absorption; which for most is impossible.

This product is a nutrient bomb for our body, perfectly balanced and highly digestible. It contains extracts from coix fruit, soy, chinese yam, fox nut, lotus seeds and root, waterlily bulb, green, white, red and black beans and imperate root. 

All these products are prepared just like a Chinese herbalist would have in ancient times; herbs are cleaned and sorted by hand, formulations carefully put together, gently combined with some warmth and then using ultra-modern technology all the combined nutrients are extracted, concentrated and powdered. It is this concentration that makes the difference for consumers, as it makes it possible to ingest the increased level of nutrition required to offset the imbalance modern living creates in their body, powers the healing required to regenerate and renew, while supporting the immune system to adequately protect us from illness.

NuPlus nourishes the creation cycle or overall Yang, so we can expect more energy and stamina, better performance in exercise and activity.  Most report a lift in overall wellbeing in a short time from including NuPlus in the daily diet.

The NuPlus can be added to healthy dairy free smoothies, muesli or porridge and even eaten straight  from the sachet after adding some water to activate.  It is great food which can be consumed as often as you like.  Particularly beneficial before and after exercise (stamina and recovery).

Sunrider Foods - Fortune Delight and / or Calli Teas

These teas are included in the plan to nourish the cleansing functions of the body, to help remove waste and toxins before they build up and cause us problems. They are also alkalising by their nature so help with the pH balancing I covered in my book. The antioxidant properties of green tea have also attracted main stream attention in recent times, with many people now seeking the benefits and protection available from its consumption. 

The concentrated antioxidants contained in these teas provides benefits exceeding what can be found in regular herbal teas found in the market. 

The way it has been explained to me is, the Calli (a blend of green tea, dried herbs and powders in a tea bag) helps clear out the areas between cells where metabolic waste, toxins, immune system debris and fluid can collect. This toxic stuff makes it hard for cells to communicate, hard for immune system components to gain access and hard for nutrients and waste to be transferred. You can see once again cleansing is a key to health. 

Fortune Delight on the other hand is formulated to nourish the organs of cleansing, like the kidneys, liver and bowel to more effectively remove the toxic stuff from the body once presented. It also helps break down fats and improves the metabolism of them. It may be a simplistic version of the actual original intention of the teas, however in a nut shell it describes what happens.

One puts the garbage out, the other takes it away.

Calli has also been a successful pain free way for my clients to stop drinking coffee and Fortune Delight has proven to be a great substitute for those wishing to swap to beverages that add value rather than do damage. 

Calli contains camellia leaf (black and green), Perilla leaf, Mori bark extract, Alisma extract and Imperate root. 

Fortune Delight is a pre-brewed powdered tea blend containing Camellia extract,  hrysanthemum flower extract, jasmine extract and Lalang extract. 

In the process of making this powder, all the herbs are placed in a diffuser and in purified water brewed as a tea. The levels of antioxidants and other nutrients in the brew are monitored until they reach the expected peak and the plant material is removed. The extract is then concentrated and powdered for use. This allows for a standardised product that delivers what is expected every time you consume it. 

Both teas come in a variety of flavours that make it possible for most people to find one they enjoy each day. However, we have found that all are very palatable, hot or cold, and consume them all for variety.

Sunrider Foods - Quinary

This is in my view, the master of the Sunrider product range for restoring and maintaining optimum health. The Quinary is a powerfully concentrated blend of 20 plus herbal extracts formulated to nourish the Yin/Yang of each of the five elements discussed previously. 

So, by creating a balance across all the five elements we help each organ or system function better, we feel more balanced and we perform much better in all our mental activity. Quinary is available in a powdered or liquid formula, plus, each of the elements have a separate formulation available.  

This allows us to accelerate the healing process by focusing on the elements most out of balance in conjunction with the basic regime. 

The flow of energy from one system to the next via both the overall Yin and overall Yang cycles means that very quickly, energy excesses in some elements are shared with weaker elements. If you can imagine the trick of filling a tower of wine glasses by tipping the fluid in the top glass and allowing it to over flow progressively filling all the glasses.  

If you recall from above, balancing the yin / yang of the five elements affects all aspects of our health, physical and emotional, how we respond to our environment as well.  To achieve such a state of balance is almost impossible in our modern western lifestyles, due to the lack of  complete nutrition (macro, micro and trace elements), lack of variety and the processing of foods.  

Plus, the stressors on the modern human push imbalances further out of whack; leaving powerful nutrition and antioxidant activity as our only real solution. 

Compared to trying to find the correct herbs for the weaker systems, nourishing them all, over time, will balance them all.  As a qualified Medical Herbalist this principle appeals to me, because if we are experiencing disease symptoms or even performing below par, there is an overall hiccup going on.  Prescribing herbal remedies to address the symptoms is no better really than a medical doctor prescribing drugs to provide symptom relief, of course it is safer to use herbs as there are fewer risks of side effect.

The cause isn’t being addressed.  Another plus with this Nourish Balance Cleanse approach is that we don’t have to hunt down specific symptoms and herbs to address them; as we are working at such a wholistic level that the synergy and healing capacities are restored. 

Something we can all do by consuming the Sunrider products and can help others achieve better health safely by sharing our experiences, without any specialised knowledge of the herbs or medical conditions.

So, although I am recommending you consume Chinese herbs, I would like to stress that this is not medicinal and unlike medicine does not exert specific actions on organs or their functions. The formulas used are based on pre-modern Chinese medicine concepts; where the herbs were used as superior or kingly foods to nourish the body. 

Rather than using strong and sometimes toxic medicinal herbs to relieve the symptoms of imbalance we nourish into a balanced state that not only relieves the poor feelings, but provides a new strong foundation for future wellbeing.

If you were to ask me what product would fix your specific medical conditions, I would not have a clear answer for you; nourish, balance and cleanse with these three excellent foods and beverages and let’s see what the body repairs first.  The innate abilities of the body to effectively manage the nutrition it receives and to distribute healing energy to where it is required is what we are tapping into and supporting with Sunrider foods.

By unleashing the innate healing abilities, the same ones that heal cuts and broken bones, help you get through colds and infections or recover after heavy workouts; we have the capability to heal and regenerate. Because they are food herbs there is no limit to how much you can have, they are safe from the side effects of many herbal medicine preparations. 

Good for babies through to the elderly. As much as I would love to share some testimonials for some of the results I have seen within my own client group, it would give the wrong impression as to what the Sunrider product range actually represents for you.

What I want to see you do from this point, is see your body and its systems as having an amazing healing ability; once it is supplied with the diet that provides good nutrition and water; when it experiences a life style that provides activity and rest, with the deliberate addition of some quality whole super food concentrates, it will step up to the job of providing you optimum health.

The role of the Sunrider products in your plan, is to provide a level of nutrition not available in modern foods, a level of variety un-achievable through normal food channels and an effective health supplement that is so far ahead of anything else I have seen in many years of involvement in natural health, that there is no close second place.

I would love to support you personally as part of my Sunrider group here in Australia or to assist you in your country to source products and local support.

Use the contact page to request a free consult on what might be the best way for you to utilise this amazing health food and personal care product range. This basic 3 product approach works for the vast majority and there are specialised products that may enhance your personal situation.

Watch the short video below to get a feel for the company, the expertise involved and the effort put into creating such a unique offering in a market flooded with lesser offerings.