There is Clear Path to Optimum Health & Wellness

Andrew Fenwick Health and Wellness Educator Coaching Deliberately Healthy Lifestyles Medical Herbalist Advanced EFT Practitioner

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Why Choose to Have Andrew on Your Path to Excellent Health &

Happiness ?

• Every successful person in sport and business has a coach. Tiger Woods knows more about golf then the vast majority (maybe could use some help with relationships though), yet he has still had a coach to keep him on track. You may have a good grasp on how to be healthy, yet are not creating the result you desire. Andrew is committed to people who decide to live a better, longer life.

• Not focused on illness, focused on your optimum health, happiness and emotional stability.

• Andrew has 25+ years of experience and research , including 10+ years of clinical practice as his point of reference. He is a great asset for you to have on your side for better health & vitality.

• The path to follow is logical and sustainable for life, the knowledge will empower you and give you real options for a productive, enjoyable future.

Meet Andrew Fenwick

Director of the Souls Abode Complementary Health Network, Andrew has over 25 years of involvement in the health & wellness sector, practicing as a Health Consultant & Medical Herbalist since 2001, setting up the well known Souls Abode clinic in Newcastle Australia.

Sharing a simple clear path to excellent health is his passion, living it part of his purpose.

Andrew has studied the work of health and wellbeing experts, personal improvement and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), combining them with his clinical experience to create a logical approach to helping people not only avoid or address health problems, but also to live a more joyful and purposeful life.

Andrew is here to be your health coach, your researcher, your up lifter and friend, a commitment he makes to those whose life he can add value to.

What the people have said …

I am absolutely thrilled that I have taken part in Andrew's program and I would highly recommend it to anyone else. I had a number of health issues prior to the program and they have improved radically and in some cases disappeared. The program is easy and enjoyable and one of the best things you can do for your overall wellbeing - Greg Lord

Andrew Fenwick is caring and compassionate by nature and his passion for knowledge and growth can only attract like minded people, who together, are dedicated in furthering their own knowledge and personal growth - Lynda Knowles

Fantastic! Created a fundamental shift in my attitudes. I loved the fact that Andrew spelt out clearly, easy to implement changes in my lifestyle that have a tremendous impact on my wellbeing. Everyone should hear this! Mark Smith, Director Inspired Planning

Very knowledgeable, Good key info on wellness, Easy to understand and simple steps to implement change and improve your health, Interesting! - Feedback AIOP 2007 Spring Seminar

Anybody who attends Andrew Fenwick's programme will have a much better life, their minds, eyes and ears opened to points of fact that outline the body's function and its needs. Life changing! Abel Fren, Marathon Autos

I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was I needed help. I walked out feeling so much better, I could hardly believe it. It takes someone like Andrew Fenwick, Health and Wellness Caoch to help us step back and clear the path so we can continue our journey with positive intention. Joanne Brown

Excellent course Andrew, presented in a very professional, easy to understand manner. I have recommended it to others. Gail Matthews

Services, Courses & Seminars

Personal Coaching

Available one on one or for a small group / family.

An initial 8 weeks accelerated process of coaching, step by step guidance on the basic needs of the self healing body, includes all herbal prescriptions and nutritional products. The cost is spread over 12 weekly payments. At completion of this a mutual decision is made about ongoing coaching.

How did the programme benefit?

From Belinda,

I have found the Health and Wellbeing Program to be a great change in my life, with a very busy lifestyle it is often difficult to commit the time, there are always other things that come first. It was time for me to put myself first and this program has been one that makes sense and very flexible to fit into my business and personal life. After 6 weeks I feel the best I have felt in a very long time, I am sleeping well, I have more energy and feel like I can take on any challenge and cruise straight through it. Thanks Andrew for giving me the insight and knowledge to create a long term plan for my health and wellbeing, I will certainly be recommending your program to anyone looking to make positive changes into their long term health plan.

From Heidi,

The only way I can explain how Andrew's Optimum Health and Wellbeing Course has affected is me is to tell of all the things that have changed for the better within me. I no longer have constant stomach pains, my teeth don't bleed, I have the same energy level throughout the day, clothes are looser on me, I haven't seen any new grey hairs since starting the course, I am happier and do not feel insecure or fear things anymore and if I start to I know how to deal with it and nip it in the bud. I am not emotional like I used to be. I am calmer, I am not hungry anymore, my skin is clearer and that is only the first 3 weeks. I can't wait to see more positive changes in the next 5 weeks of the course. I do know that my life is going to be a lot easier and I can't thank Andrew enough for bringing this wonderful experience into my life. I know it is a lifestyle change for me and can't believe how easy it is to live life this way.

Available to help over skype or via email for international clients.

Workplace Programmes

Andrew will work with your team to create a "wellness programme" that suits your budget and expectations of improved performance and reduced lost time.

Seminars & Courses

Regular courses are available or you can tailor make a course to suit your group. Andrew is available as a speaker for your organization, team or social group on a range of topics, focused on the benefits of healthy happy living . Happy to travel to you.

Andrew will gladly share , helpful info, great products and referals to the selection of "hand picked" practitioners he refers to. There are more not yet featured, so if you are looking for help call +61 414617601 or email via the 'Connect' page here.

To secure your spot for a personal programme, one that will safely and quickly accelerate your total wellbeing to a level you may have believed now out of reach, call Andrew today and arrange a meeting that will allow you to get to know who you will be working with.

Programmes and coaching are available for families, groups and work teams.

Appointments are via Bookings Only